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AMACAR Group possesses a level of market expertise consistent with major investment banks, making this experience available to each client that utilizes our services.

AMACAR Group specializes in providing structural legal independence to alternative investment funds, in most cases by serving as a General Partner, Managing Member or Administrator. AMACAR Group was created to provide services and support to structured transactions and to the professionals in the industry. Since its inception, AMACAR Group has been involved in financial transactions in a wide variety of complex financial markets, including the alternative investment industry.

AMACAR Group’s role differs from the specific services provided by law firms, accounting firms, trustees or administrative service providers. AMACAR Group does not seek opportunities to solicit investors or make investment decisions. AMACAR Group’s participation in each fund brings independence to the structure, while still allowing the client to retain responsibility for the functions crucial to the success of the fund.

AMACAR Group Alternative Investment Services

General Partner Services
AMACAR Group will manage the general operations of the legal entity (Limited Partnership or LLC) by providing the following services:

  • Establishing the entity and maintaining its good standing in the required domestic or international jurisdiction.
  • Acting as a party independent from investment managers or distribution firms.
  • Interacting with investment managers, administrators, auditors or other parties as required.
  • Assembling managers or directors of the entity and holding required meetings.
  • Other actions as required by agreement with the entity.

Ownership of Independent Legal Entities
AMACAR Group is a capital provider; arranging the equity needed to keep a legal entity independent from other parties. This equity allows a transaction to receive the appropriate tax, regulatory or legal treatment.

Administrative Support
AMACAR Group is uniquely suited to provide specialized administrative support to alternative investment structures. With our experienced staff, we are able to provide ongoing administrative services designed on a case-by-case basis. AMACAR Group’s staff is supported by a custom designed internal database that allows us to effectively schedule and maintain specific tasks for each fund.

Transaction Support
In addition to management and ownership services, AMACAR Group also provides an experienced and innovative perspective to the design and execution of its clients’ transactions. Our clients have utilized AMACAR Group’s expertise to:

  • Assist in the design and execution of complex structures or transactions, providing additional input and feedback.
  • Anticipate accounting and administrative challenges that a new structure may entail, and assist in their resolution.
  • Create unique structural alternatives to meet structural challenges or to overcome specific obstacles.